Edge’s Creative Director of Film, Kevin Lim, is one of 10 finalists in the prestigious Dendy Awards for Australian Short Films, the short film competition of the Sydney Film Festival.

Lim is a director of TVCs, branded content and music videos. He moonlights as a short film director and his shorts have screened at 17 international film festivals around the globe.

‘Whispers Among Wolves’ marks his third outing as writer-director for Soda Honey Films. It explores the co-dependent relationship between two workaholics during their weekly business dinner meeting.

Lim said: “I wanted to examine a moment between two characters who are broken from their loyalty to each other and left to question what remains in their lives.”


Pic: Snapshot of a scene from ‘Whispers Among Wolves’.

2015 marks the 46th year of the Sydney Film Festival’s short film competition, making it the oldest and most hotly contested short film competition in Australia.