The term “Brand Newsroom” itself may be a buzzword but the evolution is nothing new. Brand newsroom teams are generally smaller than their newspaper cousins and members wear many hats. This ’slashie’ model makes for efficient creation of expert content that is quickly distributed.

The point is for people to see content, like it and share it; to create a ready-made army of advocates who are open wide to your brand’s messages. In time your brand sentiment improves, as does the size of your audience.

Here are Edge group account director, Andie Tickner’s tips:

  1. Develop an editorial content strategy. Uncover your brand’s unique story and support it with pillars and themes for your brand and products. Rationalise each output.
  2. Know your audience and their needs. Your strategy provides direction and minimises negative feedback by helping you to remain relevant in content and tone.
  3. Set objectives, KPIs and measurement parameters. Tweak these at least monthly.
  4. Explore content formats across different channels. Optimise audience consumption. One size doesn’t fit all, so be targeted and play to formats that work.
  5. Use experts. Maximise success by hiring hybrid teams that can curate, conceptualise, create and publish.
  6. Be committed. This is a medium to long-term play, so be prepared to test and learn.
  7. Resource to act quickly. The Holy Grail is real time, but if you don’t know what to say, don’t say anything at all.
  8. Get it in the can. Stock planned content in advance of known events to create clever, timely content.
  9. Get your wallet out. Organic reach is in decline, so you need to support your content with paid media to get reach.
  10. Be flexible. As your brand, your audience and social platforms evolve, so should your strategy. A strategy that works is not a strategy for life.
  11. Be collaborative and make Legal your friend! It’s important that the entire business supports the newsroom to enable you to act quickly.

Setting a daily structure can be a great way to create dedicated time for ideas, feedback and approvals. Find a process that works for your brand and be ready to view this as an ever-evolving model.

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