(Brand) news report
This is a post by Chris Waite
After a short time working for a London paper merchant (seriously), Chris moved down under and has never looked back.

It would appear brands are increasingly turning to content and some are even creating “brand newsrooms” when it comes to marketing. This article linked below is from the US. It tells an interesting story and one that content marketing agencies can learn from.

In a nutshell, the role of the traditional agency and the relationship it has with brands is changing. They need to be able to offer more than just the “ad solution”. This is where agencies that can offer publishing expertise can step in. Australia is not as large as the US but the brands are here and they are here to stay. With an affluent and growing population, Australia is on the investment list for many major international companies (just ask any international cruise line). These companies and brands are looking to tell their branded story, but they may not have the capacity to invest in it own brand newsroom. The traditional agency may not be able to offer them the help they need.

This is where content marketing agencies can step in to meet that need.

Read the full article here.