Best practice in digital communications for professional associations
This is a post by Danica Berjanovic

Our latest white paper has been designed to provide you with the inspiration and insights to know that keeping pace in a digital world is possible. We have profiled not only a number of professional associations, but also three major non-member publishers, with the intention of showing you the level of investment, sophistication and reward that these groups are experiencing. These global institutions are tailoring content and education, making them digitally accessible for the business professional in an unprecedented fashion.

The 10 case studies spotlight associations and media groups from around the world that are leading the way, unearthing the integrated and multi-channel initiatives they have implemented to enrich their member and reader experience. Here are 10 powerful examples for your association on how to build conversation and community.

Join the conversation at Twitter this week #assocdigital as we launch this whitepaper. We welcome your input and expertise.

Key discoveries

  • The key to member engagement, loyalty and advocacy is clearly content with a focus on video, micro sites, virtual hubs, community forums, online magazines, segmented e-newsletters, blogs, segmented social media programs.
  • Professional associations are not only competing with each other, but also with media houses like The Economist, The Atlantic and Harvard Business Review who target business professionals with education and e-learning programs.
  • Digital investments reap instant and truly global distribution at no extra cost, and provide greater advertising and sponsorship opportunities increase.