Sylvia Nantier

Associate Planner / Analyst

Sylvia Nantier

Telling the story behind the numbers has always been a passion of Sylvia's, having started off as an investment banker on Wall Street. She eventually moved on to social media analysis in New York, and then found her way to Sydney, continuing her work in social media marketing with Edge. She is passionate about analytics that lead to insights driving business decisions crucial for success.

Who would play you in a film and why? Jennifer Lawrence - Bold, outspoken, with a tinge of quirk.

If you were planning a music festival, who – dead or alive – would be your headliner? Daft Punk - French and House, two cultures that have a big impact on my life.

You're given an airplane ticket to anywhere in the world – where do you choose to go (and why)? I would take this as a trick question because this kind of a question isn't hypothetical to me- my "anywhere in the world" opportunity was Sydney, Australia, now here I am! I always wanted to live near the beach but still close enough to a metropolis, and very different lifestyle-wise from where I grew up, New York City. Cue, Sydney.

What's your favourite memory? The feeling I got when dancing on stage.

Who is your inspiration? An old ballet friend of mine from when I was in my teens - she moved on to motivate and instill happiness in others doing something she loves to the core. Her passion radiates in her every move, and she has become a popular public figure in her community, inspiring everyone around her. No path to success is easy, and she is a prime example of this; her dedication, poise, accepting nature and resolve are all traits I admire.

You're on a desert island – what album have you brought with you? Randomly enough, The Game by Queen. I can play this vinyl over and over again and dance like mad to no end in any given living room, so I figure I'd be pretty smitten with it on a desert island.

What would be your death-row dinner? A hefty helping of Chateaubriand steak, an old Bordeaux wine, Shanghai-style soup dumplings, and a malted peanut butter milkshake for desert (I have a bit of an appetite).

Why Edge? Because we're intuitive, analytically driven, fun-loving, hard-working, creative, possibility-craving, truth-seeking, down-to-earth and lateral-thinking all at once.

5 good reasons
to join the crew.

\ Think different
We're out to shake up the media and marketing world.
\ Opportunity
We get to do some crazy awesome stuff for some of Australia’s biggest brands.
\ Youth
We're committed to giving young people great opportunities in advertising.
\ Size matters
We're not too big, so everyone’s voice is heard.
\ Cool kids
We're one of the top 100 cool companies to work for in Australia. Boom.

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We’re looking for a Head of Editorial with the experience and skills of traditional journalism and print publishing as well as knowledge and ability in online editorial and social content.


About you:

You have worked across journalism, editorial, print publishing, digital publishing, and social content.

You’ll have a creative mind for ideation and collaboration, developing original stories and content,...

Intern (Marketing and Communications) - Sydney

Edge is a leading content and creative agency. We are on the lookout for dynamic and motivated students to work with us as a (1)Creative, (2) Strategy ,(3) Marketing and Communications Interns for three months. 

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Edge Internship (Creative)

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Senior Account Director - Melbourne

Edge Melbourne is looking for a Senior Account Director.

We’re looking for someone who is restless and curious. Someone who is ambitious and yet affable. Someone who can deal with the complex and make it simple.

We’re looking for a safe pair of hands. Someone to nurture an important accounts as a key leader for the agency and client. Someone who sweats the day-to-day detail, without taking their eye off the future plan.


Art Director/Designer - Magazines and Books

We’re looking for a print designer with experience in magazines and books to be part of our team. Working across a variety of titles the subjects will vary from health, food, travel, B2B and more. You will need excellent communication skills, a passion for creativity, expert competency in Adobe CS, and proven aesthetic design skills.

Candidates with experience in other aspects of design will be at an advantage – such as photography,...

Junior Digital Media Coordinator/Analyst - Sydney

Edge is looking for a Junior Digital Media Coordinator/Junior Analyst to work out of our Sydney office.

Are you a recent university graduate or about to graduate? We’re looking for someone who is excited about the digital media landscape and all the possibilities of measurement that come with it.

We’re looking for someone who is excited about analysing data and research to find consumer’s digital behaviour, media best practices...

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