Abbie Dubin-Rhodin

Senior Strategist

Abbie hails from America, having spent the last 10 years living, studying, and working in New York City. She cut her teeth at agencies like Juice, GSW, and ghg, focusing her efforts on developing strategies for some of the world’s largest healthcare and wellness companies, including Pfizer, Amgen, and Novartis. Newly a Sydneysider, Abbie is excited to bring an outsiders perspective to things, and help Aussie brands come to life in new and innovative ways.

Lastly, Abbie believes the proper pronunciation of the last letter in the alphabet is ‘zee,’ and understands the controversial nature of this opinion.

Who would play you in a film and why?

Aubrey Plaza, I think we take our sarcasm to a similar place, which is to say way, way too far. We also kind of look like, but it’s mainly the chokingly dry personalities.

If you were planning a music festival, who – dead or alive – would be your headliner?

I would have a menagerie of early aughts pop-punk bands. These were all the concerts I went to as an angsty teenager and I still have a completely unironic playlist full of Taking Back Sunday, Fall Out Boy and The Starting Line I like to blast weekly.

You're given an airplane ticket to anywhere in the world – where do you choose to go (and why)?

The Kingdom of Bhutan. As a strategist, I’m naturally intrigued by any country that has created its own brand index, which a former King of Bhutan did with the ‘Gross National Happiness’ index. In any case, a country that considers ‘Happiness’ to be its main export has got to be worth a look.

What's your favourite memory?

Of recent, my nephew being born. He’s the newest person I know, has limited awareness of his surroundings and mainly sleeps, but darn it if he isn’t just the cutest little guy I’ve ever seen

Who is your inspiration?

Cecile Richards, CEO of Planned Parenthood in America. She’s been out there fighting the good fight for years and thinking of what a complete badass she is a key source of motivation for me on long runs.

You're on a desert island – what album have you brought with you?

The Hamilton soundtrack. With that as my guide, I will have created a full-fledged democracy by end of year one and my rapping skills will be impeccable.

What would be your death-row dinner?

A tuna salad hoagie from Wawa. Most of that sentence will be completely intelligible to anyone outside of the mid-Atlantic region of the US, but I have to live my truth.

Why Edge?

We’re teaching brands to communicate like people.

5 good reasons
to join the crew.

\ Think different
We're out to shake up the media and marketing world.
\ Opportunity
We get to do some crazy awesome stuff for some of Australia’s biggest brands.
\ Youth
We're committed to giving young people great opportunities in advertising.
\ Size matters
We're not too big, so everyone’s voice is heard.
\ Cool kids
We're one of the top 100 cool companies to work for in Australia. Boom.

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Senior Account Director - Melbourne

Edge Melbourne is looking for a Senior Account Director.

We’re looking for someone who is restless and curious. Someone who is ambitious and yet affable. Someone who can deal with the complex and make it simple.

We’re looking for a safe pair of hands. Someone to nurture an important accounts as a key leader for the agency and client. Someone who sweats the day-to-day detail, without taking their eye off the future plan.


Associate Editor -Weight Watchers

Edge is seeking a qualified, experienced, highly-driven Associate Editor to join the Weight Watchers team. 

As Associate Editor you will act as 2iC to the Editor, supporting them in the overall production, execution and management of Weight Watcher’s print and digital products.

Akin to that of a red-hot Chief Sub, this role requires someone with impeccable editing, fitting and writing skills, who can produce quality copy quickly...

Art Director/Designer - Magazines and Books

We’re looking for a print designer with experience in magazines and books to be part of our team. Working across a variety of titles the subjects will vary from health, food, travel, B2B and more. You will need excellent communication skills, a passion for creativity, expert competency in Adobe CS, and proven aesthetic design skills.

Candidates with experience in other aspects of design will be at an advantage – such as photography,...

Mid-weight creative team - Sydney

We’re looking for a shit-hot midweight creative duo to develop great ideas across a wide range of amazing client brands in every channel – film, social, experiential, integrated, new media.


You must have:

  • solid experience in an ad agency
  • a portfolio that shows great ideas in different channels
  • a history working together as a duo
  • great crafting skills in your respective...

Motion Graphics Designer/Video Editor – Sydney

We’re looking for a talented all-rounder in video post-production, skilled in film editing, motion graphics, and 2D animation, as well as a skilled photographer and videographer. Ideally you would also be capable of 3D animation, and know your way around audio gear and lighting equipment. Basically, be a one-man or one-woman film crew.

You must have:

  • proven expertise in film editing, motion graphics and...

Intern (Creative, Strategy and Marketing) - Sydney

Edge is a leading content and creative agency. We are on the lookout for dynamic and motivated students to work with us as a (1)Creative, (2) Strategy ,(3) Marketing and Communications Interns for three months. 

Working closely alongside one of the Managing Partners and the whole agency you will no doubt gain hands-on experience, turning the principles you have learnt at university into skills that can be used in a professional...

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