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Das Auto. Magazine is the exclusive magazine for Volkswagen owners. Intelligent, contemporary and innovative, Das Auto. Magazine provides Volkswagen owners with all they need to know about their favourite brand. Reaching approximately 100,000 readers twice a year and packed with information about the wider world of Volkswagen ownership, Das Auto. Magazine brings to life one of the world’s most sophisticated car manufacturers.

Volkswagens are designed to be that bit different—it’s why owners love their vehicles so much. Volkswagens are more than an assemblage of innovative technology and precision engineering. They have personality. They’re our friends. We rely on them day and night.

Volkswagen’s continued commitment to quality, safety, reliability and convenience is mirrored in Das Auto. Magazine’s content and visual style. In line with their vehicle of choice, Das Auto. Magazine readers expect taste and subtlety in design and each article delivers that.


  • Das Auto. Magazine is distributed to approximately 100,000 Volkswagen owners throughout Australia twice each year.
  • Das Auto. Magazine’s readers are ABs, tertiary educated and affluent professionals. Sixty-eight per cent have an income above $100k, 23 per cent above $200k.
  • With a keen eye for fashion, architecture, design and innovation, readers are brand conscious and enthusiastic about design in all its forms.
  • Das Auto. Magazine’s readers are urban dwellers. They are early adopters and relish the latest gadgets, computers and technologies.

The advantages of advertising with Das Auto. Magazine

  • Das Auto. Magazine is visually appealing and intelligently written, combining stories and images from our local and global partners, and creating a deeply engaging environment for brand advertising.
  • Features on travel, dining, the arts and other experiences create a multi-layered magazine to entertain and interest readers.
  • Das Auto. Magazine’s publicationtwice yearly is measured to create surprise and delight for readers—it’s a powerful and enduring platform for advertisers.

For more information about advertising in Das Auto. Magazine, download the media kit.

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National Group Sales Manager
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