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Outthere Magazine is an award-winning inflight magazine currently available on four different airlines: Rex (Regional Express), Airnorth, Cobham and Alliance Airlines. Together they form Australia’s largest network of regional airlines, flying over 4.3 million passengers per year.

With no alternative inflight entertainment available onboard most flights, Outthere Magazine plays the role of entertaining guests. It is a uniquely powerful advertising platform to reach and influence this targeted, attentive audience.



· Comprises 4.34 million passengers annually

· Over 78 per cent are business decision-makers

· Readership is largely between 25 and 55 years of age

· 81 per cent are in the top socio-economic bracket (AB’s)

· The average income of readers is $116,416

· 70 per cent travel more than 11 times per year

Source: Lonergan Research Outthere Reader Survey, 2014.


The advantages of inflight advertising

· A high proportion of regional consumers are either don’t consume or are light consumers of mainstream media

· Outthere Magazine is an environment for sharing information, ideas and innovations among regional passengers

· Airline magazine advertising is a proven method to target the frequent flyer, leisure and business traveller market (decision-makers and opinion leaders with a high income)

· An aircraft cabin provides a captive environment where airline magazine advertising can reach the right audience at a receptive moment

· In the last six months, Outthere Magazine has attracted a readership rate of 91%.

For more information about advertising in Outthere Magazine, download the media kit.



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