Designed to demystify some of the more complex telecommunications products and services, the objective of the videos is to help customers get the most out of their mobile and to reduce calls to the service centre.

Distributed through the Optus YouTube channel, Optus Gurus have tackled a wide range of topics – from checking mobile coverage, to tracking data usage – with the latest additions produced by Edge demonstrating how to connect to the new 4G network and how to access the My Optus app.

The brief was to position Optus as the ‘Wingman’ – someone who is always with you and always has your back. Edge’s challenge was to rethink the traditional ‘how to’ video to appeal to the millennial audience while delivering somewhat dry and technical information in a digestible format.

Edge totally reworked the script formats, gave the entire approach a new coat of paint, and injected some much-needed personality and irreverence.

The 4G piece communicates the benefits of 4G as opposed to 3G and defines technical prerequisites (eg, compatible device, plan, and being in the coverage area).

‘The My Optus App’ videos are step-by-step guides to using the app on your smart phone to manage your mobile account, including key services such as how to track calls, text and data usage, check the account due date and amount, pay directly from the app with a credit card and manage international data roaming. 

These latest videos appear on the Optus YouTube channel and will be shared through Optus social channels.