French women don’t pin food

When the social media platform revealed its list of popular pins from 2013, alongside the top 20 pins from categories such as DIY, women’s fashion and home décor, there were boards dedicated to trends in a handful of countries. Whether these were pinned by natives or non-natives of each country is uncertain, but, either way, the list offers insight into whether or not racial stereotypes transcend the Pinterest realm.

So, what’s trending in France? Pictures of grey-stone chateaux with blue timber shutters, monochromatic kitchen interiors and waif-like models standing in the rain with scarves draped over trench coats … apparently this is what people pin when they think of France. And contrary to Pinterest’s reputation for all things food – not to mention France’s high standing on the culinary stage – only one recipe makes the cut on this board.


What do the Swedes pin? This Swedish board could’ve been lifted straight from the pages of an IKEA catalogue. Smiling children in minimalistic bedrooms, kitsch and crafty toys and geometric wall art made of paper … There’s also a pretty fantastic-looking three-tiered drink dispenser that embodies the Scandinavian design philosophy: it’s beautiful, functional – and it stores three different drink flavours. Skål!


And what about the UK? A redheaded child in a kilt was one of the most popular pins of the year.


I think the UK just settled this debate.