This is a post by Fergus Stoddart

Feeling stuck with your organisation’s content marketing strategies? Worry not, according to research conducted earlier this year by ADMA and the Content Marketing Institute, only 30% of Australian marketers would describe their content marketing efforts as sophisticated or mature. But what exactly does that look like?

It’s the combination of content, data and technology to deliver perceived one-to-one content. By our definition, a mature content marketing organisation delivers interesting and valuable one-to-one content and then continually optimises the content experience to drive results. A sophisticated content business knows the art and understands the science of storytelling.

There are five key areas fundamental to reaching content marketing utopia.

The Storytelling Brand Platform

Your brand story needs to be meaningful and human. It must connect.

Customer Segmentation and Journey Mapping

How do you develop a detailed understanding of your audience that extends far beyond demographics? By tapping into psychographic data and determining what keeps people awake at night.

Tech and Data Enablement

Understand how to use your organisation’s data and technology infrastructure for your brand’s content efforts.

A Content Production and Distribution Engine Room

Most brands that have begun to dabble in content marketing are already sitting on a bank of content yet simply creating content cannot be a KPI. The creation of content needs to be a part of a larger strategy that includes distribution, optimisation and driving ROI.

A Content-Driven Organisational Culture and Structure

To be truly great at content, organisations need to have it running through their veins. It must be a part of the DNA of the business. Shift the organisational structure, principles and behaviours and embrace a culture that allows for fluid, authentic storytelling at all levels.

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