Everyone says they can do content nowadays, but there are a few key elements in selecting the best agency for you.  In this blog, Fergus Stoddart shares the top 10 things to look for when choosing a content marketing partner in order to beat the mediocre and mundane. Read more


Gone are the days of cute cat videos and squirrels riding on jet skis plaguing your Facebook news feed. Okay… we lied. Those aren’t ever going away. But what is clear is that the popularity of hard new stories is on the rise. The Flint water crisis, for example, was among The Washington Post‘s most-shared stories, cementing the idea that breaking news and opinion articles on polarising issues have a place on social media. Read more.


Advertising legend David Ogvily arguably first developed the concept in the 1950s with an editorial piece about oysters presented by Guiness.  Despite recent criticism, Native Advertising is making a major comeback with Brands from Buzzfeed to the The Wall Street Journal embraced it, and a recent survey by The Content Marketing Institute indicating 97% of respondents planned to use the same or more Native Advertising in 2016 compared with 2015. Read more.


The era of Podcasting has started and it isn’t slowing down. In this clip from Content Marketing World 2015, John Lee Dumas discusses how to grow an audience and expand your business, even despite a prior lack of experience in broadcasting and minimal existing online presence. Read more.


The iconic brand has just announced their new campaign: “Taste the feeling.”  The campaign is to create a visually cohesive marketing identity covering all facets and products of the Coca–Cola brand. Coca-Cola's VP of Global Design, James Sommerville says that uniting the brand “was an insight on some previous packaging, and we feel it's the right time to move the brand forward.” Read more.