Publishers across the board are reaping the benefits of native advertising,  yet trust remains the media’s only true currency to be compromised at your peril. If audience engagement and brand loyalty are your goals, your native advertising tools need to remain part of a holistic marketing strategy. Read more.


How much you ask? Turns out on Pinterest there is an answer, sort of. It doesn’t matter if you’re more ‘Valencia’ than ‘Lo-Fi’, or ‘Fade’ than ‘Sharpen’ – if your content isn’t hitting the right spot, you won’t see picture-perfect results. Here are five simple performance testing techniques that can provide quantifiable results. Read more.


Television advertising has long been a staple in the diet of marketing strategists with companies still paying top dollar for prime-time slots. However, with increasing pressure being applied for efficient alternatives, fashion retailer The Iconic has scrapped its entire TV spend in favour of targeted digital advertising and relevant content alternatives. Read more.


Pitting ATL advertising against digital is a fruitless exercise, they’re clearly apples and oranges. Advertising perfected crafting a brand’s ‘saying’ into a 30-second story, then digital came along and suddenly it was ‘do, do, do’. Somewhere in the middle is the idea we should engage our audiences with the right content and stop scrapping over channels. Read more.