This is a post by Fergus Stoddart

The future is here! VR technologies are now accessible by brands and consumers alike. The value of these technologies have not gone unnoticed by marketers driving customer experience. If you're a B2B organisation, don't bow out just yet, all brands can benefit from VR. Read more. 


We are currently experiencing a maturation of the generation born with the world at their fingertips. Today's internet users are much more demanding of publishers and marketers alike. To keep up with this shift, it is vital for marketers to create a connected virtual world. Peter Minnium explores the results from a study on the effectiveness of branded content. Read the article here. 


All strong and lasting relationships are based on trust. This idea remains true for brands and their potential customers. Outbrain's Unconscious Bias report provides some insights on the types of content and environments customers find most trustworthy and interesting. Read the article here. 


Robots are no longer just a part of science fiction or your favourite movies. Chances are you engage with artificial intelligence a lot more than you think. AI technologies are being used to make life easier for us humans. In marketing, AI helps us be better at our jobs. Hubspot's Sophia Bernazzani gives us a rundown on how forward-thinking brands are already using AI in marketing. Read more. 


In the ocean of media that's out there, it's easy for content to get lost. Pratik Dholakiya discusses the importance of storytelling and shares his tips on how to structure content to avoid being drowned out in all the noise. Read the article here. 


The era of digital customer experience has begun and it's not expected to end anytime soon. So why are companies failing to grasp this and jump onboard the trend? Contently's Dillon Baker discusses the mistakes executives are making in their digital customer experience initiatives. Read more. 


If you deactivated all your social networking accounts, what would you actually miss? Messaging is becoming one of the fastest-growing categories in tech, and is now even bigger than social media. Eze Vidra gives us a look at the messaging landscape this year and reveals the huge opportunities it presents for companies. Read more.


Most B2B companies think LinkedIn is the only way to go when it comes to paid content distribution. New data shows that the common idea that people don't care about B2B content on Facebook is a myth. Joe Lazauskas recommends that B2B marketers broaden their horizons and experiment more with paid content distribution. Read the article here.