Nick Snelling

Head of Content

Nick Snelling

Nick’s stellar career trajectory only really makes sense when viewed macroscopically. He’s been the chirpy narrator at a KFC drive-thru station,
a chainsaw operator, a barkeep, a maître d',
a streetwear salesguy, a Canberran garbo (with all the roundabouts, perpetual dizziness was an occupational hazard), a blues festival artist liaison, a demolition labourer, a metal guitarist,
a music journo, a father, a fashion importer, an editor, a movie art department flunky,
a copywriter, a short film director, a scriptwriter, an author… and a Head of Content. And that’s not even in chronological order! Suffice to say, each of those unique vocations (especially the chainsaw bit) is brought to the fore in
his work at EDGE.


Who would play you in a film and why? Meryl Streep, naturally. Her people have already optioned the script… even though it's currently on its umpteenth rewrite and they can’t seem to get a name director on board. Ahem.

If you were planning a music festival, who – dead or alive – would be your headliner? Hmm, let’s see… Musicians I’d like to see dead at a festival? How about Justin Bieber, Kanye West, Nicky Minaj and Kid Rock, just for starters? Do I get to choose the manner of their death as well? Not sure if I’ve understood this question correctly…

You're given an airplane ticket to anywhere in the world – where do you choose to go (and why)? Let’s broaden the horizons a little by nominating a star in the Cygnus constellation called KIC.8462852. Due to the star’s irregular dimming pattern, some astronomers speculate it might be the location for something called a Dyson swarm (essentially a massive artificial structure built around a sun by a Type II extra-terrestrial civilisation in order to harvest its energy). At 1480 light years away, the flight is a total ordeal, but it sure beats heading to Bali. Seriously, why is the first destination for Aussies abroad always a place with another beach except with cheaper beer? 

What's your favourite memory? I forgot… but I have heard that intelligent folk utilise an old mnemonic trick to recall vast libraries of experiences by constructing something called a memory palace inside their heads. Alas, my palace is full of waterlogged ceilings, peeling wallpaper, collapsed staircases, moss-colonised floors and an aggressive rodent infestation. I was hoping it’d be a “fixer-upperer” but the local council have just ordered it be condemned.

Who is your inspiration? The authors Yuval Noah Harari, Donna Tarrt, Elliot Perlman and Naomi Klein. The neuroscientist Sam Harris. The comedian Doug Stanhope. The director Christopher Nolan. The musicians Chris Cornell and Lianne La Havas. My parents. My sister. My sons Oscar and Max. And my beloved lady, Jaq.




You're on a desert island – what album have you brought with you? What cruel, unusual punishment. I suspect being confined to some sun-blasted Caribbean atoll with Faith No More’s King for a Day, Fool for a Lifetime on perpetual loop would drive anyone insane. Sounds more like an enhanced interrogation technique than any idealised hypothetical.

What would be your death-row dinner? This question seems flawed without proper context. Wouldn’t the reason I’m on death row in the first place influence any decision? For instance, if I am to “get the chair” for being a cannibalistic serial killer, then I imagine I might order human flesh. But personally, I’d probably settle for a good miso soup.

Why Edge? They’re a crack team of super-smart folk with diverse but complementary skill-sets who are dedicated to unearthing all the engaging, relevant stories that already revolve around some truly great brands in order to make people feel something good. Oh, and the office digs are purty schweeeet, too.


5 good reasons
to join the crew.

\ Think different
We're out to shake up the media and marketing world.
\ Opportunity
We get to do some crazy awesome stuff for some of Australia’s biggest brands.
\ Youth
We're committed to giving young people great opportunities in advertising.
\ Size matters
We're not too big, so everyone’s voice is heard.
\ Cool kids
We're one of the top 100 cool companies to work for in Australia. Boom.

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What made Editor Bex into a walking film quote machine?

Do you think you’ve got the edge?

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Mid-weight Copywriter - Sydney

One of our Copywriters is off to Hollywood, and it’s left one of our Art Directors in need of a new partner.

So we're looking for a shit-hot midweight Copywriter to partner up as the next dynamic duo to develop great ideas across a wide range of amazing client brands in every channel – film, social, experiential, integrated, new media. You must have solid experience in an ad agency, working in a creative duo, tackling briefs,


Are you doing an advertising creative course, such as AWARD School or Miami Ad School?

We can help you blitz it.

Edge is offering a 3-month internship to two talented students (an aspiring Copywriter and an aspiring Art Director). You’ll get to be inside a real ad agency during the day, while studying your course in
the evenings.

You’ll get to stretch your brain on real briefs alongside our creative teams, and in

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